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Poll subforum

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    hi mentors dont you think there should be a subforum for poll ?
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    No, but apparently you do. Care to elaborate why you think this is necessary?
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    Also, what exactly happens in such a "poll subforum"?
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    I thought it to be necessary if someone wanted to post a new poll on a topic,then he/she would find it easier to search for if an earlier on that topic existed.

    However if u still find it unnecessary, I would suggest to add an option regarding this in the advanced search.
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    We don't create a subforum unless there is an overwhelming need for it. No one has brought up the idea that there is a need of having all polls being confined to just one subforum. Furthermore, I think it is a lot less confusing in terms of categorizing to have a poll under a forum relevant to the subject matter.

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    Ok, as ur choice.
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