News Poll: Was the 2004 election rigged?

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Was the 2004 US election rigged electronically?

  • You are left leaning, and think there was electronic tampering of the vote.

    Votes: 29 46.0%
  • You are left leaning, and think there was NO electronic tampering of the vote.

    Votes: 13 20.6%
  • You are right leaning, and think there was electronic tampering of the vote.

    Votes: 6 9.5%
  • You are right leaning, and think there was NO electronic tampering of the vote.

    Votes: 15 23.8%

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russ_watters said:
Sure, but recognize that it is a bit of a blatantly-obvious tautology: We know about the problems because we know about the problems. We know about the problems because they were reported - and fixed - on election night. So the evidence comes straight from the election night reports of problems. Unfortunately, most of the reports don't specify a resolution (though due to the , but of those that do, essentially all say something to the effect of: [Broken]

Some had to revote several times, some machines had to be rebooted, some people caught the error on the confirmation screen and fixed it, etc., etc. So that kinda hits two birds with one stone - that's Gokul's #1.

For Gokul's #2, here are two examples of it, both detected/corrected on election night:,_Ohio#Cuyahoga_County.2C_Ohio Part of the problem here is that the conspiracy theory sites trumpet the problems, but gloss over the fact that they were fixed on election night. This irregularity type provides a wide swing and we've seen it several times in these threads where people pick up on the error and miss the fact that it was fixed due to intentional obfuscation by conspiracy theory sites.

#3 is like the ballot design issue in Florida in 2000. Sure, its real.
Most election "irregularities" were not documented until after the elections were final, for example in just Ohio alone during the 2004 election. You are saying that the problems were detected and fixed on election day, and that simply is not true and why you do not have reliable sources to back that up. The examples you provide were tiny drops in the bucket.

There is a reason that election reform is being addressed nationwide, whether at the state level or via congressional legislation. We cannot claim to be a democracy if we cannot guarantee fair elections. The 2000 and 2004 elections were not fairly won by Bush on many levels. Just because PF members like pattylou have tired of providing proof after proof of this fact does not mean your opinion is therefore the truth.

This country has paid a high price because the best man did not win. So let's move on and impeach the idiot, and then make sure it doesn't happen again.
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