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Polyflow terms

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    What is the "plane of symmetry", "zero velocity wall" and "free surface" terms which I have seen in Polyflow? It says in Vnormal=Fs=0 for plane of symmetry and Vnormal= Vs= 0 for zero velocity Wall. Now I get when Vs=Vn=0 it means that the wall isnt moving and it's in a static state but didnt get what others actually mean in linguistics?

    Thanks from now
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    What is Polyflow?
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    A computational fluid dynamics program
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    Moving to engineering, but this is pretty specific. It might be best to seek their official support.
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    A free surface is a fluid surface that is not attached to a rigid wall. It's like the upper surface of the water in a glass of water.
    A plane of symmetry is one in which the fluid flow on one side of the plane is the mirror image of the fluid flow on the other side.
    A zero velocity wall is one that is not moving.
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