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Polyfusion Noise Generator

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    i was wondering if anyone could explain the circuit at he following link
    http://www.synthfool.com/schematics/polynoise.gif [Broken]
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    I don't know what the 3130 component is, so I googled the following:

    +3130 +generator +ic

    and got some hits that might apply. Assuming the 3130 is some kind of noise generator or other waveform generator, the rest of the circuit looks like analog filters to convert the white noise into pink and other noise spectra. The reference to "Infra Red" must be some other noise spectra.
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    Looks to me like the 3130 is just an op-amp used to amplify the thermal noise(white) of the diode junction. I did a google search and found the following cached site which is no longer in service."3130+ic"&hl=en&client=firefox-a
    It is for a polyphonic Moog music synthesizer. It's a CMOS, OPERATIONAL Amp.

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    RCA made an op-amp that was a CA3130. I've used it. It's an old part. I'm sure that is what it is. It was an 8 pin DIP which it looks like the one in the link is.
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