Polyhedra dissection

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I have made a cube dissection, please check my short videos


I use 176 magnets that never repel so there is a absolute freedom in connections,
By far the best attributes are that I can build a whole concentric hierarchy of solids
starting with a irregular tetrahedron and ending up with the rhombic dodeca hedron.

I can build the 7 basic crystall latice structures, well actually all 14 are possible.
Have this set for about a decade and still discovering new structuresw all space fillers, all at the lovest common denominator. "Do more with less"

All the build solids are build by the least number of volume identical blocks, in a very near future I will demonstrate Hilbert's third problem.

Smiths College published a article by Marjorie Senechal 'Which tetrahedrons fill space" according to the article this problem is stil not completely solved, but I believe I do have the solution, so please watch my next realese.

Thank you

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bump.. any opinions?