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Polymer low permeability for balls

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    I have 2 interesting questions, I believe, regarding polymer properties. I am designing a ball (pretty much like a basketball in size and appearance) to be used inside pressure vessels for certain corrosive fluids. The ball is inflated with air to a certain pressure in order to cushion extreme pressures in the pipeline (water-hammer). These balls will expand and contract according to pressure drops or pressure rises in water, respectively.

    1) First question: These balls be in contact with certain corrosive fluids (under pressure) so I am looking for any or many polymers to be used as the external layer of the ball, so that it does not suffer from exposion to these special corrosive fluids. I have chemical properties of some of them, but I first ask this for any general corrosive fluid, not one in specific.

    2) Second question: So far, I have been using polybutadiene as external polymer in the ball and butyl rubber as internal layer, but I believe there could be better choices in terms of lower permeability, as long as the other options can also be moulded and used as the external layer in a ball, for a reasonable cost (i.e, commercial polymers). The idea is to find also a polymer that can hold for a longer time the air inside the ball.


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