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Polymer problem

  1. Mar 2, 2010 #1
    i have reacted zno2 wth Dodecyl benezene sulphonic acid and aniline for the incorporation of zno2 in the matrix of polyaniline.after xrd i m nt getting the exact peaks of zno2 in my composite..can u tell me why? is it forming any complex or wat?

    please reply soon its urgent

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    Are you certain a reaction has actually occurred?

    Perhaps the [tex]ZnO_2[/tex] has merely been dispersed into the polymer, and not actually reacted.

    Also, are you sure you are using [tex]ZnO_2[/tex] and not [tex]ZnO[/tex]? (I didn't know there was a [tex]ZnO_2[/tex] -.-)
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    There is; Zinc Peroxide. The oxidation number of oxygen should be -1 in this compound.

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