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Polymer/Propellant Solution

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    Ok, I am really close to this.
    d-Limonene dissolves Polystyrene (I have tested this)
    and Liquid Isobutane mixes with d-Limonene (I have also tested this)
    However, when I mix all three together, the Polystyrene becomes completely separated from the solution.
    Same thing with all polymer solutions I try to mix with Isobutane, the polymer ceases to be dissolved.
    Is this simply a matter of proportions, or is there something more I need to notice?
    Preferably I just need some kind of polymer that is soluble in liquid isobutane, but I don't think that exists.
    Is there some kind of mixture that will stay homogenous that consists of isobutane, a solvent, and a polymer?
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    You have just met the incompatible molecular size/weight/dimension problem compounded by small vdW/Heitler-London/dispersion forces between molecules.
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