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Polymer Properties Question

  1. Nov 8, 2009 #1
    Tell me what your ideas are for this multiple choice question

    Compared to semiconductors, metals, and ceramics, polymers:

    a) have lower melting points
    b) tend to have lower densities
    c) deform plastically to a higher extent
    d) have lower electrical conductivity
    e) all of the above
    f) a, b, & c
    g) a, b, & d

    As of now I'm 99% sure that a is true, polymer tend to melt easily. I'm actually sure that b is true also.
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    do polymers (I'm assuming things like plastics, but there are also natural and biopolymers) conduct electricity? What about metals, ceramics and semiconductors?

    What does plastic deformation invlove? Which property of a material determines its plastic deformation?
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