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Polynomial Long Division

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    As part of solving a DE I need to make this friendlier to integrate:

    I figured trying to divide it couldnt hurt. I got:

    I can't type out all the steps easily, I'm on a mobile device at the moment. That answer looks suspect, did I do it correctly?
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    It's more than suspect, it's completely wrong. If u=1 then your first expression is 1, the second one is 2. Pretty bad, yes? Suggest you get off the mobile device and type in your steps.
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    A more comfortable form of [itex] \frac{2u}{1+u^{-2}} [/itex] may be found if you start like this:
    [itex]\frac{2u}{1+u^{-2}} \frac{u^2}{u^2}[/itex]
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    Hmm... I've got 1 over some function times what is almost the derivative of that function ... and I want to integrate that combination ...
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    I'm home now.

    I set it up like so (I left the two out):

    from my understanding you're supposed to write the functions in descending order of powers.

    For 1:[tex]u*\frac{1}{u}=1[/tex]
    subtraction yields zero. You then need to find out what multiple of u gives you u-2. u*u-3=u-2, subtraction gives zero. Total remainder of zero.

    So I get the final answer of:

    I think I just saw where I went wrong...I wrote it backwards.

    I should be solving:

    I don't see how that works, it's missing an exponent.
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    Right, you did it backwards. (1+u^(-2))/u=u^(-1)+u^(-3). The whole process is a lot easier to follow if you clear out the negative powers first, like symbolpoint suggested above.
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    Sounds like a plan! Thanks for the help.
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