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Homework Help: Polynomial Problems

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    Problem 5.
    An open box with a volume of 144cm^3 can be made by cutting a square of the same size from each corner of a square piece of tin 14cm on a side and folding up the edges of the tin. What is the length of a side of the square that is cut from each corner?

    Problem 24. Slove.
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    V = lwh
    square piece of tin implies that length = width
    l = (14-z) where z is the amount cut
    V = h(14-z)^2
    144 = h(14-z)^2

    unless im missing something, you have 2 variables and one equation.. i dont think you can solve it..
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    The height of the box IS z: when you fold the cut part up to form the sides, their height is the same as the length cut out:

    144= z(14-z)2.
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    ah right, my mistake.
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