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Polynomial system, apparently for real champs

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    I have now been working for a couple of days on the following system without finding any real clue...

    Could someone give me a help?
    If there wouldn't be any mathematical way to solve (we never know), could someone detail me how to solve it programmatically?

    In advance, many thanks


    -x + y + z + 2A sin(y-z) = C
    -x + y - z + 2A sin(x-z) = C
    x + y - z + 2A sin(x-y) = C

    where A, C are constant and A, x, y, z are not equal to 0
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    matt grime

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    that isn't a polynomial system, so you're mis-selling the question. as long as C isn't zero then the constraints that A x,y,z are not zero is unnecessary.
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    Are you sure the RHS of your second equation is not -C ? If it is, then your 3 equations are cyclically symmetric. If not, it's harder to solve.

    In fact, I'm thinking there probably isn't an analytical solution. So you might have to solve it numerically after all.
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    And on top of that, it might be difficult to find a numerical solution that's stable and converges.
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    I'm curious where this problem comes from. Maybe some context would give a few clues on what kind of solution we're looking for.
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