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Pondering the finer points of fundamental physics

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    last night while trying to get to sleep i was pondering the finer points of fundamental physics. My brain decided to think about how time is slower when ttravelling faster. as usul my head doesn't like this and i thought about the vertical pendulem on a rocket analagy.
    This kind of thing, but if you notice there are 6 steps inbetween the moving one and only 4 in the stationary so of course it is out of sync.
    ok so i understand the theory behind the idea, i think. time is slower since the 'ball' has further to travel. yes, but no. if you look at in in vectors the vertical distance and speed are constant only the addition of the rockets horizontal motion increases the distance so the relative distance is greater but the relative speed is also fast and at a different angle. so will still take the same length of time to go from point to point. also the analogy says that the observer in the faster rocket can look at the clock on the slower rocket and see that it is running slower, i don't think this is right. looking at frames of reference the faster rocket doesn't see them selves as moving fast only the slower one moving faster in the other direction, so then their clock will be traveling a longer distance in the other direction so will show the same time. yeh? as when the observe each others clocks they are both traveling the same speed acording to their frame of reference, just in opposite directions so both clocks would be out of sync by the same amount and therefore equal. Please clear up where i have got this all wrong.
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