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Pondering the first motion

  1. Sep 2, 2008 #1
    In applying my limited knowledge I have been pondering this question.

    I am presupposing that before the universe as we know it was formed there existed a state of inertia or perhaps nothing but I don’t wish to debate “creation theories”.

    Also that it is a closed system.

    In perpetuating motion an initial force was required.

    The force provided accelleration for an instant and the universe had momentum of total mass x the velocity which resulted from the first instant of force.

    In that the initial force was applied for only a moment and no force has since been added, it leaves so little time for accelleration.

    So if you say energy is infinite, being everything, and the initial moment is infinitely small you get obvious disparages.

    If there is Plank time and energy is infinite, then infinite energy is in the universe, having been given substantial time to perpetuate motion.

    So we deduce that energy is finite and a moment has duration.

    Can energy, being everything, really be finite? And can the initial force last for a longer duration than I suppose?

    Please offer any other implications.

    Thanks for entertaining the limits of my knowledge.
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