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Pool heating

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    anyone who has a pool heater? or knows how they are installed?
    if yes...plz let me know what is the power rating of the pool heater and what size the pool is..i need it for comparison issues. (power in BTU/Hr, kW, J/s...)
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    Until I switched to solar, I had a 300,000 BTU natural gas heater on an 18,000 gallon pool. 300,000 BTU was overkill except in the middle of the winter, but I live in Arizona.

    But there are a lot of variables, such as wind, surface area, and temperature rise over ambient. The link below has a pool heater size calculator.

    http://www.northwestwholesale.com/calculator_heater.asp [Broken]
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    thnx for ur help...
    btw, ur pool heated up quickly compared to other places !! lot of energy for such a pool.
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