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Poor Pluto

  1. May 31, 2007 #1
    http://mathiaspedersen.com/3dportfolio/poor_pluto.jpg [Broken]

    Really creative! :approve:

    http://mathiaspedersen.com/3dportfolio_poor_pluto.html [Broken]
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    That is really cool. A guy that my father works with at Pfizer has a sign on his lab window that says "I support Plute as our 9th planet". Then the guy who works in the next lab over has a sign with pluto and a giant red x through it. :biggrin:
  4. May 31, 2007 #3
    Why so much passion over what makes a planet? I don't see the same arguments over defining the continent.

    Pluto will always be a planet in my heart, and Eris will always be Xena. :)
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    Pluto's a planet? I thought he was a star.
  6. May 31, 2007 #5
    Yeah, Pluto's a planet. Anyone who tells you differently just doesn't know about the Richard Muller vote.

    edit: btw you just made my desktop background.
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    Chi Meson

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    My vote is for Quaoar.
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    Thanks neutrino, I love that!
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    I heard the new term for "demoting people" is "being Pluto-ed" :biggrin: :rofl:
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    :biggrin: That's a good one.
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    LOL!! It makes you wonder why we never considered PLUTO'S feeling when stripping it of its planetary status. I mean....it's obviously already being bullied by the other planets. Is it really our place to be joining in!!:rofl::rofl:
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    Pluto is like the ugly duckling

    ...except that it stays ugly forever and deserves to be made fun of. I guess that's more like Rudolph or Janet Reno.
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