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Poorly suited

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    What in the world is up with this goofball?! Didn't anyone ever teach him you never button the bottom button of his jacket?


    If a person is for some reason unknown obsessed with buttoning all of the buttons on their jacket, they should at least wear a jacket designed to have all of the buttons buttoned. Check this guy out in his Paddock cut jacket:

    http://www.keikari.com/english/wp-content/pictures/2013/03/Paddock_jacket_cut_at_Keikari_dot_com2.jpg [Broken]

    Clearly a man ready for anything - including unexpected airplanes rolling down the street while he's walking his dog! He can grasp for his hat to keep it from blowing off, yet his jacket still looks stylish. Imagine how his jacket would look if the wind were whipping it and only one button were buttoned!

    And, no, for those interested, he isn't happy to see someone. Being a man ready for anything, he's carrying his trusty Otis King cylindrical slide rule with him!

    This diagram makes things clear. On the left is the regular cut 2-button jacket. Notice how the bottom button is left undone ensuring this man is ready for anything. He can urinate at the drop of a hat without having to waste time unbuttoning his jacket! On the left is the Paddock cut jacket. Notice how the lapels don't come down nearly as far, raising the buttons higher, and allowing this man to both button his buttons and still be ready to urinate at the drop of a hat!

    And, for the record, I really don't know why most jackets have such plunging necklines in the first place. Most men don't have enough cleavage to get excited about and they wear a shirt and tie under the jacket covering up any cleavage they do have. I think raising the neckline sacrifices little in style, plus allows one to button his buttons without looking like the doofus in the first picture.
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    Is the top one sean connery? Kinda looks like it.
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    Cream linen suit, diamonds are forever.
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    thought it was a bond film. The color of the suit threw me off.
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    maybe the british button both buttons.
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