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Homework Help: Poorly worded question

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    ok here is the question exaclty- its worth 5 marks so i dont know what im missing..

    A car with a mass of 850kg is moving in a straight line at a constant speed of 110km/h. It is brought to rest in 10.0s. What constant force is acting to stop the car?
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    [tex]F_{avg}\Delta t = m\delta v[/tex]
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    Looks like an impulse question.
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    Thanks anyways guys but i got it. I think i was thinking it was asking what force as in friction or wind etc. was stopping it but its asking the force it would take to stop it in that time.
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    Doc Al

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    If you are not familiar with impulse/momentum, you can always use kinematics to find the acceleration, then apply Newton's 2nd law to find the force.
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    Good point...I guess they should have said "determine the magnitude of the constant force that brings the car to a stop".
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