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Pop Sci.

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    On this forum sometimes people moan about badly presented or just plain wrong media output about science.
    They should, though I thought this one was OK.
    http://www.watchseriesgo.to/link/vidto.me/6951511 [Broken]

    If th link doesn't work anymore then it's BBC Horizon S55E13,

    Also Sean Carroll here at his best.
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    Maybe he should be President, but I doubt it.
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    i like Sean Carroll a lot, but i don't like this talk. it's pointless. although i have seen him lately say philosophy has it's place.

    God is not a bad theory because the purpose the theory serves is not just used to view existence, it is used by many people to get through things and conditions of life that science and even rational thought don't do anything for.

    what is bad is elevating that theory or belief to fact. a good religious person does not ever forget it is about faith not fact.
    the people who insist that their philosophical belief is fact and therefore everyone should and must accept them are the problem.

    i think religion's purpose is not really to use it to explain reality, but actually how to cope with reality when logic and fact provide nothing.

    a person may say "well it's better to be rational and logical in contemplating your problems". but that may be true for them but it is not a prescription for everyone that works.

    is it stupid to think your team won because God blessed them? sure, IMO it is, but so what?

    whatever gets you through the day is alright. just don't go insisting that is how others have to get through the day.

    creationism is stupid IMO. trying to get it taught in school is idiotic period. trying to deny evolution is dumb.

    believing in God is none of those things.
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