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News Pope Francis's Address to Congress

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    I hope that the members of this forum especially US citizens will take the time to read the transcript of Pope Francis's address to Congress even if you listened to it. His delivery unfortunately was heavily accented and I for one did miss some important points. Please do not depend on commentary to understand His message, for I heard interpretations that I found self serving.

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    I don't see much controversy other than why he was speaking in the first place. Nothing really was learned and I doubt anyone in congress was "moved" to change.
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    "... and world peace." Too late for "Miss Congeniality." Not born a U. S. citizen, so can't be a presidential candidate. Congress wasn't legislating (a plus), "NOT"US was doing nothing, as usual, and SCOTUS was not adjudicating (another plus), "Darth" Bader Ginsburg was sound asleep.
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    It is reported that the Pope accidentally lost his place and skipped a sentence chiding the Congress not to be a slave to finance and economy. It would have been a good "tweak" to their persona. If politics is the priesthood of the people might He have called them pharisees? We all know government officials and Congress in particular do not like being lectured. Three Catholic chief justices did not attend. Was it because the US supports abortion in opposition to their faith?
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    John Boehner is resigning at the end of October. Did He take the Pope's criticisms personally?
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    Who would want that job anyway :biggrin:
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