Popped blood vessel?

  1. This may sound stupid but this is what happened. I had a cup and i put it to my mouth, i then sucked the air out so it stuck to my mouth. I guess i did it a little to much cause now my mouth is all red and it has little red dots everywhere where the cup was. It has been a day and it hasnt gone away, what do i do?
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  3. Those little red spots are called petechiae.
    Just like a bruise, it will take a while to go away.
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    In the meantime you can say your girlfriend gave that to you.
  5. larkspur the info in your link is incomplete. it doesn't explicitly mention "vacuum cup related injuries." XD

    i used to do this when i was young lol.
  6. thank you for all the help. Do you know how long it will take to go away?
  7. It depends on the severity of the bleed and your body's ability to heal a bruise. I have had mild petechial hemorrhages with a stomach virus that cleared within two days. If your lips are very red and there is very little space between the petechiae then it could take up to two weeks to resolve.
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