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Popped in for a visit!

  1. Nov 3, 2004 #1
    How are you all, my homies? How is everyone? It's been a while...

    I've stilled got another two and a half weeks of exams. :yuck:

    Then I'm free! :biggrin:

    Bob... have you been good? Not torturing any more newbies, are you? :surprised

    AMW Bonfire
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  3. Nov 3, 2004 #2


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    Hey amwbonfire!!!! I've been wondering where you went.

    Don't be such a stranger!!!
  4. Nov 3, 2004 #3

    Math Is Hard

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    'Bout dang time you showed up!!!
    I miss you sometimes! (but then I re-load... heh heh heh..) :rofl:
  5. Nov 3, 2004 #4
    nomore newbies to torture, since no one joins anymore, so i've noticed
  6. Nov 4, 2004 #5

    Exams... Must... get away... from... them...

  7. Nov 4, 2004 #6
    :surprised :surprised ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :surprised :surprised

    Party. :cool: :wink: :approve: :tongue: :rofl: :tongue2: :biggrin:

    I have been a good boy, there have been no newbies that have made it obvious so it is cool.

    Get through the exams soon and do well, man. :smile:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
  8. Nov 4, 2004 #7

    jimmy p

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    Newbies are banned from this site. No new people allowed at all. Keeps the conversations pure.
  9. Nov 5, 2004 #8


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    bonfire! Welcome back! How are exms going?
  10. Nov 5, 2004 #9
    Hello bob, tsunami and jimmy!

    Exams are going ok. Looks like my scores will actually go up after exams... it's rare that anyone does better in exams than in school. But i was a bum at school.

    Hehe :shy:
  11. Nov 5, 2004 #10
    if exams didn't count for about half of my total grades I never would have passed. I can take tests, homework on the other hand was my problem.
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