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Medical Popping/Cracked sternum.

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    A while ago I got into a pretty bad car accident that cracked my sternum slightly. When I went to the hospital that day, they speculated it was merely bruising. An xray a few months later revealed a cracked sternum. Pain was never evident or overwhelming with the exception of pressure being applied, just an incessant popping sound when twisting or turning. Often times when around friends and silence manifests, I twist, which in turn produces a loud, distinct popping sounds whereby everyone comments on it. This has consisted for two and a half years now. I had suspected that it would of healed by now, but it looks like its here to stay. Lately, I've been experiencing a benign shortness of breath that I attribute to the sternum trauma. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Do you think this requires medical attention or is something one just puts up with? Any potential long term consequences such as lung blebs?
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    Sorry but we don't do medical diagnosis here. Go and see you doctor.
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