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Popular science

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    What do you think about this blog post?
    http://www.physicallyincorrect.com/2008/07/popular-science-has-been-replaced-by-spiritualism/ [Broken]
    I basically agree with what he says, especially this:
    It's a shame that most pop-sci books these days focus on phenomena that are unobservable on a day-to-day basis. When presently correctly, simple explanations of "why is the sky blue" questions can be enthralling. They also have the added benefit of stimulating the reader to search for the laws behind other things that he observes, which is what the pop-sci books should really be trying to teach.

    EDIT:benifit->benefit (thanks Danger)
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    I basically agree, other than the fact that I prefer to spell it as 'benefit'... :tongue:
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