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What do you think about this blog post?
http://www.physicallyincorrect.com/2008/07/popular-science-has-been-replaced-by-spiritualism/ [Broken]
I basically agree with what he says, especially this:
Real popular science has been pushed aside. You know, the kind that doesn’t dumb down reality - or, should I say, dumb up. The kind that explains why ice floats, why the stars twinkle, why clouds are white, how to build your own radio, what happens inside a microchip and why the sky is blue, that encourages you to get up from your chair and try something out for yourself. One doesn’t need to talk about the big bang to feel wonderment. Seeing soap films automatically adjust their surface area for minimal energy is just as, if not more amazing. Seeing a ray of light bend so as to travel between points in the minimal amount of time is awe inspiring. And you can see those effects with your own eyes and experiment with them.
It's a shame that most pop-sci books these days focus on phenomena that are unobservable on a day-to-day basis. When presently correctly, simple explanations of "why is the sky blue" questions can be enthralling. They also have the added benefit of stimulating the reader to search for the laws behind other things that he observes, which is what the pop-sci books should really be trying to teach.

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They also have the added benifit of stimulating the reader to search for the laws behind other things that he observes
I basically agree, other than the fact that I prefer to spell it as 'benefit'... :tongue:

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