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Popular Topics?

  1. Jun 9, 2005 #1
    some topics looks really attractive and some got only few reviews. In your opinion, what topic is most popular here?

    IMHO, topic related to IQ seems to be very popular!

    By the way, is using the ratio of Views/Replies appropriate in this case. That is, the topic with the high ratio of Views/Replies implicate it is popular.
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    A long thread (many views, many replies) seems to indicate one of two things: 1.) it is a humor thread. 2.) the topic attracted the right mix of people for an extended argument. The extended arguments that press threads to great length often arise from peripheral issues and frequently are unrelated to the thread topic. The driving force here isn't popularity, but controversy.

    Humor threads seem to thrive because of something more like "popularity."

    Other threads that have enjoyed great popularity without generating too much controversy are love/romance/sex threads.
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    The thread killing thread! It is a one of a kind thread: There is love, romance, heartbreak, drama, murders, animals, the whole 9!
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