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Homework Help: Population growth please help

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    For the period from 1900 to 1980, calculate the log base e (ln) of the world population values and plot these values on the vertical axis against the year on the horiontal axis. Draw the best straight line you can through these points and determine its slope, k. What is the exponential equation for this line? Is an exponential a good fit over this 80 year period? If not, what sort of function might do a bit better?

    World population estimates in billions of people:
    Year World
    1650 0.5
    1850 1.1
    1900 1.6
    1910 1.7
    1930 2.0
    1950 2.5
    1960 3.0
    1970 3.6
    1980 4.5
    2000 6.0
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    Looks like a clear assignment to me.
    What is the problem?
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