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Java Popup appearing twice. Why?

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    Code (Text):
            else if(e.getSource() == add)
                    int redInt = Integer.parseInt(red.getText());
                    int greenInt = Integer.parseInt(green.getText());
                    int blueInt = Integer.parseInt(blue.getText());
                    String s = (String)JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Your Color Name");

                    colorPane.addColor(redInt, greenInt,blueInt, s);
                catch(Exception ex)
                    System.out.println("You must enter a number in all fields!");              
    I call this with a button (add) and it all works fine, however, when I hit ok, it adds the color, but brings the menu popup back as if I had just hit the add button. If you hit ok the second time, though, it goes away. What am I missing? If you need any other code snippets let me know.
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    Disregard. I added my action listener twice. Once when I instantiated the buttons and a second time when I added the buttons to the panel.
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    The try block is expecting you to enter a string for the color name. Are you doing this? Hitting the OK button could be setting s to an empty string, which could be causing problems with the addColor() function.

    Edit: Never mind, as the problem seems to be figured out.
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