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Porbability Density?

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    In quantum mechanics, given ψ, we calculate the probability density in a given space by (mod[ψ]^2)*dx*dy*dz (as given in any standard textbook). But my suggetion is that it should be (mod[ψ]^2)*dx*dy*dz*dt where dt is the differential time element. Its seems to me to be more fundamental. Then why dont we do that?
    Curious undergrad!
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    The probability density is at a given instant, not per unit time.
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    Also we do NOT use [itex]\Psi[/itex] to calculate the probability density. [itex]\Psi[/itex] is the probability density. The integral, over a space interval, gives the probability that the object is in that space at the given instant.
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    @HallsofIvy I think you mean the absolute square of the wave function is the probability density.
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