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Automotive Porsche 911 (car suspension)

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    Hey guys .

    Does anybody know about the type of car suspension in porsche 911 ?

    I wanna analyse the forces on its suspension , So i have to know that it's active ,semi active or passive suspension ?
    Can I choose one of them arbitrarily?
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    "Proper" Porsche 911s have torsion bar suspension with telescopic dampers, this is a passive system.
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    Tank you veryyyyyy much,

    So would u please tell me how can i get some technical data of its coil spring and damper , such as dimensions , damper coefficients, spring rate , moment of interia ,etc ?
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    Well, it doesn't have a coil spring. Like I said, it's a torsion bar arrangement.

    You could try getting in touch with Porsche for that kind of technical information.
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