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Port Forwarding

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    I have an interesting problem: I'm moved into university and people can't join custom games I create in warcraft 3. However, people CAN join games I create in starcraft. What would cause this? How do I fix it?
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    You'll need to try forwarding some of the ports required by Warcraft 3. I believe they are:

    TCP and UDP: 6112-6119
    TCP: 116 and 118

    You'll need to poke holes in your firewall accordingly as well.
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    Hmm, not sure about that, but in my case i can play LAN games with my friends as long as they are in the same college. I cant play with them even they are in the same university network but different colleges.

    Well, for portforwarding, u could try www.portforward.com .
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    How do I forward the port? Keep in mind I'm at university and they're not going to let me touch any of their stuff.

    I've used Putty to forward a port for mail before, but only because step by step instructions were given.
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    You could read this article: http://puremhz.com:8080/showthread.php?t=3424 [Broken].

    It talks about how to set up an SSH tunnel and send any and all traffic through the tunnel to a "server" you've set up elsewhere.

    I guess if this doesnt help you, you could google along similar lines and find a solution. btw, starcraft is a really great game.

    Hope it helps.
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