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Portable Mp3 and Satellite Radio

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    Have you all seen the portable Siruis Sattellite Radio reciever with a hard drive:

    XM also has one of these coming out soon:

    I think that having a portable mp3 and satellite radio in one device is an AWESOME idea. However, these devicese can only pick up the satellite signal when docked in a home docking station! So the idea is to record the radio while docked, then listen to that recorded audio when on the go. The hard drives are 1 gig I think. That is still an OK idea, but the thing about this is that you can subscribe to XM online for a few less dollars per month than a regular subscription is, giving you access to the same XM content. And these devices are probably going to be around 300 dollars, the same price as a large capacity hard drive ipod. Would't it be smarter for a consumer to purchase the same price ipod and the cheaper XM online subsciption, then just record a few hours of your favorite stations every once and a while, save these as mp3's then transfer them to the ipod. This is practically the same thing you would be doing with the devices offered by the satellite radio companies. This way you would also have enough space on your hard drive to also store any other music in your mp3 collection. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a portable mp3 and satellite radio device, but since the satellite radio function on these devices is not actually portable, I think the idea I have proposed would be a much smarter one.
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    You're still better off with an Ipod. You get to choose the songs you listen to from your collection; and you can either get the songs for free or from newsgroups. And no monthly subscription fees.
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    Not true. I have one. It's called a MyFi portable player with a 5 hour recording capacity.

    Wrong again. Myfi has a small, wearable antenna that allows you to travel listening to live feeds.

    It does work a bit easier that way. That is true.

    You get the on line sub for free with the main subscription anyways.

    That's true, but they are coming down already, especially with newer models coming out.

    I don't know about smarter, but it is an option. It's a bit of a working process to get good quality files from the on line (at least that I have done so far). I am sure there's a trick to it.

    The best part about the MyFi is the car adapter. Take it with you when you're driving. I love my XM radios. Especially on long drives.
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    What I meant was that your MyFi thing still does not have the capability to store mp3's. Am I correct about that? If I am, then that sure does suck.

    As for the online quality: I actually already do subscribe to xm online and the quality is excellent.
    And thanks for attempting to point out my mistakes fred and prove me wrong, I think people that do that are just super.
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