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Portable/small television

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    Does anyone have an idea of where I can get a 5"/9"/13" television (color) for under $75? The ones that I see one the net come with a vcr or dvd player. I just want a little tv for a good price. It does not have to be flat screen or anything.
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    hey do you asout plasma tv.please let me know about plasma tv.
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    i want to know the basics involved behind plasma tv.
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    explain the concepts of plasma.
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    http://www.plasmatvscience.org/theinnerworkings.html [Broken]

    But for the future, posts that don't relate to the thread topic should be posted elsewhere.
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    Try a pawn shop. They'll usually have some older TVs available, that mostly still work, for under $50.
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    that is a good suggestion loseyourname. I'll definitely give that a shot.
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