Portugal vs France

  1. Astronuc

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    This should be a great match up!

    Portugal hope for third time lucky against French

    The duel - Luis Figo v Zinedine Zidane? Maybe. We'll see.


    Les Bleus are equally determined.
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  3. Olala, you are very fast Astronuc...:) Just be patient for another 6 hours...

  4. 5 hrs 48 mins I make it :) hehe

    Come on France!
  5. Gokul43201

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    I thought Figo was out for this game. Or is it someone else? Deco was out for the England game, and is back for this one, right?
  6. Deco is back.. Its a one match Ban (AFAIK). Figo probably needed a hip replacement, along with Zidan so perhaps they are out.
  7. NateTG

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    Well, Germany hasn't beaten Italy in a world cup game either, but several of their encounters have been classic, and, yesterday's semi is currently considered the match of the tournament.

    Let's hope for another good referee.
  8. Astronuc

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    Just like on the football field. :biggrin:

    The game between Germany and Italy reminded me of one I played in during university. My team was in the finals, and it ended up in the shoot outs after two overtimes, and it was scoreless up to that point. We lost by one goal (like 2-3 in the shoot out). The pressure on the goalies and kickers was immense.

    Our goalie let one through his legs. :rolleyes: Ouch, that was painful to watch! And our team captain, who wanted to be one of the kickers, kicked the ball over the cross-bar. :yuck:

    My best game was against a Korean team where I scored 4 of 5 goals, and I was a mid-fielder. The Korean players couldn't get out of my way fast enough. A couple of times, I had to literally pick up one of them so I didn't run over him. :biggrin: And, one goal, I dribbled into the goal. :biggrin:
  9. Astronuc

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  10. siddharth

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    I don't like penalties for that reason. It's a bad way to decide a game. I played in 5 penalty shootouts for my school team, and we lost all five.
  11. Astronuc

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    And they're off! Line ups at start of game (FIFAWorld, Yahoo)

    1. RICARDO
    7. LUIS FIGO (C)
    9. PAULETA
    13. MIGUEL
    14. NUNO VALENTE (C)
    18. MANICHE
    20. DECO

    16. BARTHEZ Fabien
    3. ABIDAL Eric
    4. VIEIRA Patrick
    5. GALLAS William
    6. MAKELELE Claude
    7. MALOUDA Florent
    10. ZIDANE Zinedine
    12. HENRY Thierry
    15. THURAM Lilian
    19. SAGNOL Willy
    22. RIBERY Frank
  12. I'd really hate to see this game end with that penalty :(

    On a side note, all the booing going on in this game is pretty funny :biggrin:
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  13. Astronuc

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    I think Ricardo Carvalho slipped and Thierry just stepped into his leg. Looking at the replay, it does not look like an intentional tackle or trip.

    Tough call by the ref.

    About 5 minutes to go, and Portugal needs a goal to go to OT.
  14. NateTG

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    As an admittedly partisan Germany supporter, I'm left wondering why that was a PK when the handball over Podowski in the other semi ended up being a free kick...

    <cynical>I suppose this game just isn't as good, so they're trying to get it over with?</cynical>
  15. Astronuc

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    Extended by 4 minutes! :yuck:
  16. Oh, I can't believe we lost! Damn ref!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  17. Astronuc

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    My condolensces, but this is a binary situation. There is one winner and one non-winner. Of course, everyone wants their particular favorite to win.

    Great game though.

    As a consolation, Portugal has a chance to beat Germany.
  18. It's a pity Portugal didn't produce as much as they should've had. My strong belief of a better strategic formation of 4-4-2 was quite simply vindicated towards the end. I never liked Portugal's 4-5-1 playing system since Euro 2004 as it forced many of our midfield players to shoot far too many balls from the outside area.

    In particular against strong teams such as France, it's just not a matter of shooting from long distances and hoping to score, it is I'm afraid, much more than that.

    I'm disappointed with how Scholari read the game, especially by ONLY applying the 4-4-2 formation tactic towards the end (we visibly played much better). Nonetheless, as a Portuguese fan, I do thank him for all the work put towards the team.

    I can only hope he recognises this mistake and makes up his mind to play a 4-4-2 formation against Germany.
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  19. It was a penalty, clear and simple. Anyway Portugal were lucky to get as far as they did. France deserve it, and they cant talk about the ref the only reason they got through the last match against England was due to some doggy refing...


    Being Greek by blood I cant help but feel sorry for the portugesse :biggrin:

    better luck next time
  20. So are you Italian?
  21. I'm glad those cheats have been knocked out - their diving has spoiled the tournament.

    Was funny watching it on bbc in a dutch pub - everyone in the pub were rooting for the French - as were the English commentators.

    Vive la France!

    Or something like that... :biggrin:
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