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Portugal vs Iran

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    Down to the last third, and it's still 0-0.

    If this ends match in a draw, then group D is is going to come down to the last game. And there's a fair chance that the winner of the Angola-Iran game may go through.

    Edit: Darn spoke too soon. Deco (Por) just scored.
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    2-0, sweet. I forgot what my prediction was but i wasn't too far off. Now i'll be able to enjoy the game against Mexico.
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    Terrific performance by the Portuguese side!
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    Portugal!!!! Portugal!!! Great game!

    Between Argentina and Holland, I chose Holland. Portugal usually wins against Holland as did in Euro 2004.
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    Portugal will never make through the round of 16. They have a lot of talent, but they really haven't come together as a team. They just hope one of their players can do something on their own. That's not going to happen much against Argentina or Netherlands.
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    I disagree with this statement.

    Portugal actually plays as a team! their flaw in my view is their tactical formation. Portugal is only playing with a main striker upfront; Pauleta. This makes it very hard for the team to adapt and naturally create more chances in a close range area from the goal. Otherwise and as witnessed, Portugal is forced to use their midfielders to shoot from a considerable far distance, away from the goal area, which makes the odds of scoring much less.

    I would personally put Nune Gomes as an additional striker and play a simple 4-4-2
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    DM, I am portuguese from Portugal. We do not play well in 4-4-2. We preconize a 4-2-3-1, because we have terrific wingers: Figo, Ronaldo, Simão, Quaresma, and we do not know how to play without a number 10 like Deco, as you saw in the game against Angola. Moreover, the striker position is the weakest of our team.

    The stronger the team we play, the better we play. You will see. We are all very confident.
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    Me too! only I live in Britain.

    I just simply don't agree with this formation, I thoroughly respect Scholari's belief in his 4-2-3-1 but personally Portugal should play with two strikers upfront. What Humberto Coelho used to do was master class!

    Moreover, in Euro 2004, Portugal's evident style of play screamed for two strikers upfront in order to break the Greek's defence barrier. They failed to break their defence system TWICE. Surelly that was a sign that Scholari should have had contemplated upon. This year, their style of play is the same, pretty good but still desperately need another striker upfront.

    I do not foresee Portugal winning big games against Argentina or Holland with this kind of shot attempts. If the other team happens to strike first, Portugal will seriously struggle like they did when they lost their first game in Euro 2004, accompanied by the other two losses against Greece.
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    I think Pauleta is more the guy to score in plays coming low down the middle rather than crosses from the wings, considering that he's not very tall and tends to get lost in these crosses.
    Having Pauleta, Nuno Gomes, Figo and Ronaldo up front with Deco supporting them would increase Portugal's ability to get through from the middle which is very important if we want Portugal's forwards to get the ball on their feet inside the box.
    Like a 4-1-3-2 for example. :smile:
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