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Homework Help: Position of a point

  1. Sep 5, 2007 #1
    How to locate position of a point say P(x,y) according to the following:

    a) 2 lines (ax+by+c=0) and (AX+BY+C=0)(in between or outside)

    b)IN the upper region or in the lower region of a line(ax+by+c=0)

    c)IN the left or right region of a line(almost same as above)

    d)INside a Quadilateral or not

    e)INside a triangle or not.
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    Are you given anything to look at or is this all that is given?
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    First, I really don't understand what you're asking us... I don't see a question mark.

    But, more importantly, you need to show us what you've attempted before we can begin to help you.
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    Are these 4 separate conditions- 4 separate questions? What do you mean by "locate". What would you accept as the "location" of a point? What do you mean by "upper" and "lower" or "left" and "right" region of an oblique line?
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    I am just asking the theory and not an answer.I mean what results will I obtain when I put the point (x,y) in the equation of line(s).And with the result what can I know about the position of the point.
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