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Positron are point particles

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    im out of my depth with this question so forgive me if it is stupid.
    it is stated that the electron borrows energy from "vacuum energy",
    as the eletron, positron are point particles i was thinking that they could be a,

    real world manifestation of the hidden world of vacuum energy.
    best wishes.
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    Re: electron

    That it borrows vacuum energy is really just a theory at this point. It's ment to explain why the electron doesn't expel energy to the point that it collides with the nucleus. I haven't heard much about it lately.
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    are there other theories as to why the electron does not
    radiate its energy away and collaps into the nucleus?
    i know that in the real world there is no sutch thing
    as perpetual motion, but is that true for the quantum
    the closest thing i can think of for perpetual motion is the
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