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Positronium transition, energy of photon emitted

  1. Dec 16, 2004 #1
    What is the energy of the photon emitted when a positronium atom goes from the n=3 state to the n=1 state?

    Nevermind, I figured it out.

    E_n = -\frac{\mu}{2{\hbar}^2} (\frac{Ze^2}{4\pi\epsilon_0})^2 \frac{1}{n^2}

    For hydrgen, the effective mass is approximately the mass of the electron.

    However, for positronium,

    So the length of the energy is only half that of the hydrogen atom.

    [tex]E_3-E_1=(\frac{1}{3^2}-1)(-6.8 eV)=-\frac{8}{9}*-6.8 eV = 6.04 eV[/tex]

    grn. 31.
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