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Possibilities Maths

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    To bring odd number with a die,is 50%.
    If I play with the die two times,how possibilities I have to bring odd number?
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    There would be a 25% chance of getting two odd numbers, 25% chance of two even numbers and a 50% chance of getting one of each. So the probability of getting at least one odd number would be 75%.
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    Yea,I am talking about bringing at least one time "odds".
    How we find the 75%?
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    Well you can write out all 36 combinations and add them up. Or you can think of it as 100% less the probabability of getting both even which is 100% - 50%x50% = 100%-25%=75%
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    So If I undestood good,If I play "3" times,for the same result,I have 83,3333%.

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    No, apparently you didn't understand at all. The probability of getting all three even is [itex](1/2)^3= 1/8= 0.125[/itex] so the probability of "at least one head in three rolls" is [itex]1- 0.125= 0.875[/itex].
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