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I Possibility of a Planck Star

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    https://arxiv.org/pdf/1708.01789.pdf In line whit LQG which renders time(Tomita time) to evaluated differently.

    Would it be possible for a bounce scenario in Blackhole. This is the update from the old paper of Planck Star http://arxiv.org/abs/1401.6562 . -- It is something to with how time dilation of extremes effects on observational aspect of BH.. Or bounce in a very slow motion in a extreme gravitational time-dilation.

    "The gravitationally collapsing matter falls inside its horizon until its density reaches the Planck density, namely the quantity with the dimension of a density determined by the Planck constant ~, the Newton constant G and the speed of light c—these are the quantities that set the scale of quantum-gravitational phenomena.

    At this stage, called “Planck star” [8], the star can still be much larger than the Planck length, but quantum effects are expected to make gravity strongly repulsive [9], triggering a bounce. The phenomenon is similar to the “quantum pressure” that prevents electrons from falling into an atomic nucleus." In line with question on Time. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/about-time-to-think-about-time.936753/#post-5920350

    For my question. 1) Can this explain why VSGRB in BH are so powerful? 2) Can we elimante the BH information paradox? 3) Some solution to problems on what makes dark matter? 3) It is a good a way to think that BH is some sort of bounce happened with enormous slowness seen by observers?

    .. Of all the literature's and interpretations I've read. It is the closest to the natural(arbitrary) state physics(GR) that we know of.
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