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Possibility of optical absorption by defect level in bandgap

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    I have a tricky question regards the absorption of photons by semiconductor.

    Say I got a piece of semiconductor with Eg=4eV.
    Inside the bandgap, there are two defect levels, and each of them have a trapped electron.
    One of the defect has the energy level that is 1eV below conduction band(so the activation energy=1eV), while the other is 2eV below the conduction band(so the activation energy=2eV).

    When I apply sub-bandgap photons to this semiconductor at 3eV (larger than the activation energies for both traps), the electron in which defect will have larger chance to absorb the photons and thus jump into the conduction band?? To make it short, does the activation energy affect the possibility of optical absorption when the photon is larger than the activation energy for sure?

    If there is any recommended info online I can look up regards this matter?

    Thanks so much!
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