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Possible applications

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    I was given a problem by a professor to prove the following problem:

    Anyway, I have done this but am supposed to remark on possible applications. I'm not sure to what I could apply this though. Maybe something to do with ergodics? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Any suggestions?
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    I take it you mean that [itex]\Gamma[/itex] is the set [itex]\{(x, y)| y= f(x)\}[/itex].

    What do you mean by [itex]\Gamma+ \Gamma[/itex]? How are you adding sets?
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    Yes, that is what I meant. Sorry for the sloppiness, though I believe it's not an uncommon shorthand.

    Set addition is taken to be naive: nothing special like essential sums. So
    [tex] A+B = \{ a+b: a \in A, b \in B\} [/tex]
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    Anybody have any ideas?
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