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Possible carrers?

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    Hi guys.

    i'm sorry if this thread does not belong here and feel free to move it.

    I wanted to know what are the possible carrers by doing physics.

    I am mostly interested in Relativity(specially Special Relativity as it seems easy to me!) I know that the math of General relativity is much harder but I dont have any problems learning new equations and formauals!

    I wanted to do Astronomy after I finished this year, But I haven't been studing this year and I am sure I wont end up with a good score!

    I get an average score of about 80% in my physics test without studing at all! so if I study I will manage to get a perfect score.

    I would like to see what carrers would be possible and if anyone has been in similar situation what have they done and would they have done anything diffrently if they had the chance.

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    I think the first question I would ask my self is. What level of education I would be willing to pursue? Speaking from experience your decision is subject to change without notice over time.
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    I really want to learn and educate my self in physics. I have always been good at physics, but the downside to my performance is my english. I have only been speaking english for 5 years and still there are many mant words that I don't know.

    also as I mentioned above, I have not been studying hard and so I will not end up with a good score to be able to enter uni. might get about top 70% of my state. But I can say that if I go to uni I will be in top 1% of Australia as I am generally a quick learner (only in fields that I like.)

    My passion for physic will never die :) I might end up doing something else but I will always look forward to do something with physics, even if I get less payment (so long as it is reasonable.)

    what would the carrers be associated with relativity?
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    "A man of humble condition who behaves with arrogance is largely hated. A man of great condition that behaves with modesty is highly respected." (Ankhchechonqy)

    It's not nice to say you think you're the best. Even if it's true.
    For the record, I do hope you score as high as possible in your future studies.

    As to your question- Special Relativity in itself is not a field you can base your career on. GR, however, is. The most obvious career I can think of is an academic career, i.e. in a research post at some university.

    And Mathematics is only about formulas and equations just as much as Physics is only about Newton's first law of motion. If I understand correctly, the Mathematics required for GR includes Differential Geometry, and specially Riemannian Geometry.

    Good luck in whatever you end up doing.
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