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A Possible explanation for Universe mysteries

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    Antimatter had negative gravity of possibly different magnitudes per mass, which fills the intergalactic voids that causes dark energy. Antimatter repels everything, even antimatter. This causes continuous expansion as antimatter increases the space between itself and creates larger and larger voids. This may be detectable if we can find repulsion of antimatter particles. This can solve the dark matter problem and matter/ antimatter asymmetry. Also this repulsive force everywhere in space can potentially help bind matter more tightly in galaxy pockets which can act as a sense/illusion of increased gravity for the galaxies which may also solve dark matter.

    Antiparticles are distributed throughout the void and repel every type of matter surrounding it.

    The universe may not be accelerating, the light from far away galaxies may collide with the antimatter particles in the void every so often, which absorb their energy, giving an illusion of red shifting. The farther away galaxies are the more collisions and therefore more "red shifting".
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