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Possible MS in physics

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    I don't have time to attend college on campus right now so I'm currently pursuing my BS in computer science through an online option. After a lot of thought, I do wish to pursue physics. I've always been interested, you know reading some basic books on physics and watching those documentaries on the science channel. It is my hope that later I will have time to go to school on campus and so my question is, would it be typical for someone with a BS in CompSci to be admitted to a MS in physics?
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    I still can't get it.

    In the country i live in it is absolutely impossible to go such a way.

    MS in physics needs a Bachelor in physics.

    I hate the country i live in....
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    I would say that it depends on both the countries and your aptitude for maths, also what coursework for maths you've taken.
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    If you can demonstrate that you have a thorough knowledge of undergraduate physics, It shouldn't be too difficult to get admitted to an MS.
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    In general this would be pretty difficult.

    To get into a graduate program, you need to meet the program's entrance requirements. Generally for a physics program you need an honours physics undergraduate degree. Engineering students often have enough physics in their cirriculum to transfer, but from computer science - whilst I don't think you would be excluded completely, it would certainly be an uphill battle, and even in grad school you would likely have to take some senior level undergrad physics courses just to get onto the same level as your physics colleagues.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I guess I'll have to find a school that will let me take the undergrad courses through some type of bridge program. Worse case secenario...and if I'm truly motivated, I'll go for second BS degree.

    If I do that I'll probably be around 40 years old by the time I finish my MS, I hope that's not too old.
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