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Possible pendulum questions

  1. Jun 5, 2012 #1
    I've got a pendulum practical assessment to do tomorrow and I want to prepare for it as much as I can. I've already practiced for setting up the equipment properly and performing it and stuff like that. So now, I want to prepare answers for all possible questions I can be asked at the writing section, so I'm not surprised during it. The aim of the experiment is to calculate g btw.

    So... what questions can i be possibly asked? :s
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    What does the pendulum's period depend on?

    ^That is the most missed question on the Pendulum Practical Assignment I lead for introductory physics.
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    what is the dependence of period on amplitude?
    can you detect the deviation from small angle time period at larger amplitudes(angle) using the instruments you have?
    suppose bob is filled with water and there is a hole at bottom how does period change as time progresses?
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    Nice ones!
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