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Possible research paper?

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    I want to do a research paper on quantum physics for a scholarship. I am really awed by it and want to learn everything about it. My question is, is it realistic to write a research paper on quantum physics and have it complete by october? I have bought some books on it and am reading them now. I might major in this in college(have computer engineering as major right now).

    Thanks, I am fascinated by it.
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    Anything is possible. Do you have access to a lab, it would make doing research much more practical. I would say it may be difficult if you have no background in Quantum Physics, but not impossible.
    I would talk to some profs at your college that specialize, and if you decide to go for it good luck.
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    It would be quite a task, but like the Captain says "Anything is possible".

    The real question is, will you have any regrets if you don't try?
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    Are you in high school? Depending on the contest they may or may not be interested in seeing many numbers, greek letters, or equations. Are you writing an essay about quantum physics, or on/of quantum physics?
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