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Homework Help: Possible that a fabric can be used as a diffraction grating

  1. Sep 17, 2004 #1
    Is it possible that a fabric can be used as a diffraction grating where in the space between strands of threads is a small fraction of a millimeter?

    My answer is yes. does it mean that the light can be bended due to this? I mean how come?
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    You are right.

    In the exact same way that a diffraction grating (transmission) does. As long as the spacing is of order a micron, you will have noticeable diffraction in the visible range.
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    One more thing... How is it possible for those "sound waves" be heard by a person even if he's in a different house... I mean, yup, by diffraction, one can hear your neighbor shouting at your house? How would that sound travel.. in order to hear it?
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