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Possible to clone people

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    If it was possible to clone people would it be possible to give them (the clones) non-human attributes?
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    I'm not sure what you mean by non-human attribute. Could you explain more clearly?
    A clone is merely an exact genetic duplicate, and should (bar any complications or environmental influences) grow up to be identical to the person from which the genetic material was taken. If anything is changed in terms of DNA, then it is not a clone.
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    as an addition to what matthyaouw said:
    monozygotic twins are clones
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    homozygotes then?
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    There are two types of twins, heterozygotic twins and monozygotic/homozygotic twins. Heterozygotic twins are, with respect to their genes, exactly like brothers and sisters; each of them inherited a different set of genes from their parents (they developed from different zygotes). Monozygotic twins both inherited exactly the same genes from their parents (they developed from the same zygote, that divided to from two separate fetuses).
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    never mind, I understand
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