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Possible to type index cards?

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    Hey guys,
    Sorry i coudln't find an appropriate forum for this topic, but I need to make index cards for some vocab words. It is much easier/quicker/neater if i were to type them on paper then cut them out like index cards. I only have the new word, i think its microsoft word 2008, and i can't figure out how to make words so that they line up in two columns instead of just being left aligned. How do i make it so that i can type up words so that when i print them out they are in aligned in two even columns so after cutting them they are similar to smaller index cards?
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    Chi Meson

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    Is that "Office '08" for Mac?

    Or "Office '07" for Windows?
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    For an alternate suggestion, a virtual flash card program. The program automatically shuffles them, sorts them according to how well you know them, etc. and so on: http://jmemorize.org/
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    Make two columbs and set text to centered.
    I do not know about the versions you are using but in other versions
    columbs->2:alt o c alt w enter
    center text:alt o p alt g down enter
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    or put it in a spreadsheet
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    spreadsheet? like excel?
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    yes. or open office.
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    In word, you simply type the words, separated by a comma for each column, then you select to sort by commas. It creates the columns for you.

    You would type


    Word will automatically create columns.

    I don't have word on this computer for some reason, but if you can wait until tomorrow, I will be on my other computer and give you more exact steps.

    The easiest way is to get an old typewriter and put the index card into the typewriter and type. :tongue2:
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    People still use those?
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    Yes. There is a way to change the size of the sheet of paper so that its exactly the size of your index card. Then you put in your index cards and print it all out and your done. Flip them over, put them back in and print the other side.

    Ive done it before. You can also make it print on those little tabs you get for dividers. I've done that too.
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    If it's for Windows, just go to the "Page Layout" tab and you'll see a category called "columns." Choose two. When you get to the bottom of one column, you'll automatically wind up in the second column to continue typing. I can check the Mac version for you too. I just installed the new version, and already have used the column feature, so I know I can find it, just don't remember it off the top of my head.
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    Moonbear's suggestion works probably more like what you are looking for, it sets tab limits. In your Word Doc, select "Format" in the top toolbar, you'll get a drop down box, select "Columnize", and choose the number of columns. This will automatically set your tabs and return you after the selected number of columns.

    Mine has more bells and whistles that you probably don't need, but it's very nifty for creating grids and customized columns.

    In Word, type what you want to columnize like this


    highlight the text

    At the top of the Toolbar, towards the right, select "Table",

    You'll get a drop down box, select "Convert", then select "text to table", you'll get a new box and at the bottom and you should see "Separate text at", "commas" should already be selected, if not, select it. Say ok and there are your columns. You will see a grid, but that won't print unless you insert lines by going to "Format".

    You can change the size of the columns by simply placing your mouse over a line a moving it.
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