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Possibly transferring to UM - ann arbor

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    I currently go to lawrence technological university in southfield, MI and am studying electrical and computer engineering. I was wondering how difficult it would be for me to transfer to UM's EECS department with a 3.3 GPA (could be around a 3.5 in a couple semesters.) I suppose I will apply for admission for next fall, if I have time, of course. I have all of the basic humanities done, except for 6 credits (2 classes), univ. chemistry and lab, calc based physics 1 and 2 with labs, engineering materials, econ, intro to C, intro to engineering, calc 1-3, and diffEQ. I am currently taking circuits 1 and lab, digital electronics and lab, mechanical systems for EEs (combination of statics, dynamics, kinematics of machines, mechanics of materials, etc), advanced engineering math, and prob and stats. In the spring I will be taking circuits 2 and lab, microprocessors and lab, electromagnetics, thermal systems for EEs (thermodynamics, heat transfer), and advanced digital. Do you think my background going into UM and my GPA will make it possible for admission to UM? My current school is pretty good, and is very reputable in the detroit-metro area (completes directly with UM in the area, in fact), but it not well known at all nationally...I do not want to work in the auto industry, which is what Michigan is primarily known for, so I would be interested in going to another university that is more nationally known. Ideally, I would like to get into transistor level microprocessor design, or maybe semiconductor fabrication technique research and UM will likely give me more opportunities here.

    Any opinions? I feel like my mediocre GPA and my somewhat little background might hold me back, and keep me from getting admitted. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    oh, I also found out that the minimum GPA for transfers is a 3.5. bah....well, if I apply in like 3 months when this semester is over to get a chance to get my gpa up, will I be too late on the application submission for fall admission?
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    anyone have any info?
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    Didn't you pretty much conclude that it's impossible? Unless you have some outstanding credentials, I seriously doubt that they'd waive the GPA requirement.
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    I did conclude this, but I also said that it is possible that I can get my GPA above a 3.5 after a couple more semesters, and if I were to achieve this, would my chances be ok? I just want the opinions of some UM students or people familair with the admissions process.
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    Well, since you said that you "would be interested in going to another university that is more nationally known," might I suggest that you look at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign? Their ECE department (well, I should say my ECE department) usually ranks in the top 3 or 4 of the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings, and they have some pretty big names doing what you're interested in. I just looked it up, and they will consider anyone with a 3.0 or above for transfer. However, you have to have 60 hours of transferable credit, and of those 60 hours, you have to have taken the basic freshman/sophomore calc and physics classes. You can find more information http://www.oar.uiuc.edu/prospective/transfer/handbook/engr.pdf. Obviously, assuming that you're a Michigan resident, you wouldn't have the luxury of in-state tuition at Illinois.
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    leright, something to consider, 2 years after you graduate, are any prospective employers going to care where you went to school? When I asked several friends, who are engineers, they all told me no, they won't. They will be a lot more concerned about what, and how well, you did at your last job.

    That being said, you could always transfer to U of M into another program, spend a semester getting your gpa up, then transfer to the school of engineering as in internal transfer.

    One other thing, I know several people who got accepted to Michigan's engineering program who did not have 3.5 gpa's, I would certainly give it a try with a 3.3. If you can get a couple letters of recommendation from employers and or professors, that would help. If there are any extenuating circumstances that led to your lower gpa, it couldn't hurt to include a letter with an explanation along with your app.
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    ok, thanks for the advice. Maybe I will go to UM for graduate school. I just would really like to get into ULSI type research/design, and I don't think my current school has much to offer in that area.
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